DC XII "In the End" Released

John Summers last mission, will meet him with betrayle, satifiaction, and adventure. Taking place 15 years after DCXI.

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  DC XI "The Last Stand" Released

The Cardassians have breached the border, and are now positioned to make a strike deep into the heart of the Federation. You must help in the effort to stop them before the Cardassians claim more inoccent lives!

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  "001" Released

"The Borg our most lethal enemy, have begun an invasion of the Federation, and this time there may be no stopping them."

In this mission you'll experience the battle of 001 through the eyes of Captain Shelby, the same Shelby that tried to take Cmdr Riker's job during "The Best of Both Worlds"

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  "Khitomer Cronicles nears completition!"

Probably the longest I've had a Qb2 mission in production. The Khitomer Chronicles, which follow the alliance of the Klingons and Romulans. For more info please visit the TKC sub-site
  "HELP wanted"

I am beginning to put together a massive campaign based on the dominion war. But I need help, modders, qb2 scripters, sound editors even graphic designers. If you are intrested please mail me on the contact page

  "Deadly Contact X: Wrath of the Mordecai"

Admiral John Summers, while blinded by hatred enters Cardassian Territory to strike back at the Cardassian Union.

The Mordecai is sent to destroy a vital shipyard inside Cardassian territory, as a payback for the loss of Denras. Can he keep his emotions in check while doing his duty?

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  Major Site Revamp!

Well I've really neglected this site over the past few months. So I've reorganized everything, fixed the downloads sections, and gave it an updated look, and new name.

I have also decided to due away with the reviews section. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I encourage everyone to visit brianmoler.com. It is the best site for mission related downloads and info.

Please Look around an let me know what you think!
  "Deadly Contact 9 Released"

The latest Chapter in the DC series is here. Admiral John summers is faced with his worst fear when the Cardassian strike deep into federation territory. Experience, the devils den!

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  "Deadly Contact Chapter 2 Released"

The Second of six chapters to the Deadly Contact has been released. Hop over to the DC web site to get it. Oh, it also comes with the first textured DS9 mod. :)

Attitude-4-life 06/20/02