[The Khitomer Chronicles]

The greatest threat to the Federation in Kirk's time was the unholy alliance formed by the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Star Empire. Experience the events the led, and unraveled this plot.

Below is a brief description of the ten mission that make up this new campaign.

Cold Front The Romulans new ship reaks havoc on klingon shipping routes, threating to weaken the Klingon border against the Federation threat.

Deal with the Devil With war ready to ignite, The Klingon Chancellor makes a deal with his greatest enemy


The Romulans refit a Klingon D7 with a new cloaking device, then take it into enemy territory.

Fall Out The Alliance is exposed when Federation officers steal a cloaking device from a romulan ship

Loose Alliance Border attacks are blamed on a fringe group of Romulan Isolationist.

B'Rel The First joint Klingon-Romulan vessel is completed, and its first mission is to penetrate the Neutral zone.

Genesis The federation developes a weapon beyond imagination.

Paradise Lost Romulan, Human, and Klingon ambassadors are Kidnapped by a terrorist group.

The Khitomer Crisis An ecological Crisis ignites peace talks and strains the Romulan-Klingon alliance.

Lost Alliance The Romulans end the alliance with the Blood of Klingons and Humans.