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Star Systems Thanks in large part to KAF-Thor, Klingon Acadmey now has hundreds of systems. These systems can be used in both QB2 missions and regular Quick Battle. Below are most of the Star Systems available, as well as some Star System tools.

Original Qbsys.txt This the original qbsys.txt file that comes with KA.

File Size: 14.2kb

Author: Interplay

Planetary Survey A survey of every system in KA. Each system has been cataloged, including; number of planets, size, color, and so on. Very useful tool in building a qb2 mission.

File Size: 307kb

Author: KAF-Thor

System Tutorial This tutorial teaches you the basics, and not so basics of building star systems for Klingon Academy.

File Size: 321kb

Author: KAF-Thor

Canon Map This replaces the original helm map in KA. It is much more "Canon" then the stock map. Also contains almost every mod system.

File Size: 388kb

Author: KAF-Thor

[Download Update]*
*this map has been updated to include DoBarr Space

All of the systems that come with the game. With this pack you can play any stock system in the game, not just the ones available in QB.

File Size: 402kb

Author: Tomer-ar


System Pack1 A few new systems for KA

File Size: 29.7kb

Author: Unknown