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"Deadly Contact XI "

After a bold incursion into Federation territory, the Cardassians are ready to strike deep into the heart of the Federation.

The final battle is about to begin............

Release Date 7/15/02

  "The Khitomer Chronicles"

Missions covering the beginning of the Romulan-Klingon alliance, all the way to the end of the Alliance with the Romulan attack on Khitomer.


Briefings: Yes

Release: Whenever I'm Done

Khitomer Chronicles sub-section

  "DC: Les Maquis"

A peace with Cardassia creates a demiliterized zone that put thousands in jeapordy of Cardassian Raids. This is the second campaign in the Deadly Contact anthology

Era: TNG

Briefing: YES!!!

Release: :Mid-Summer

  "DC: Birth Right"

The son of the famous John Summers fullfills his birth right to become a hero of the Dominion war. This the third and final campaign of the DC anthology.

Era: TNG-DS9

Briefing: YES!!!

Release: :Early Fall