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  Deadly Contact 3 Released
"When it Rains"

The Federation Strikes back. The federation begins its counter offensive after the cardassian invasion.
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Attitude-4-life 04/16/02
  Deadly Contact 2

The Second mission in the DC series. The War begins with the Cardassians when political termoil on the Cardassian Homeworld erupts and a new government is put in power.

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Deadly Contact

The Federation Expands into the middle of a civil war! When a science vessel goes missing you are sent to find it only to discover that a deadly civil war has claimed the lives of the crew.

Download Deadly Contact 2.13kb QB2 v1.2

The Crishton Trilogy

In the 23rd century a war will be fought, and then it will be forgotten.
The crishton Trilogy include 3 interactive briefings and 3 exciting missions.
Story based on a short story by Cps3000.

Download "The Crishton Trilogy" (TMP) 2.52 mb QB2 v1.2
Download "The Crishton Trilogy" (TMP) 10.0 kb QB2 v1.2 (no briefings)

Escape from Hell

Your ship destroyed, Your Captain dead, your crew stranded in escap pods and more enemies are on the way, and they don't take prisoners. Survive until help arrives, and Escape from hell

Download "Escape From Hell" (TMP) 1.80 kb QB2 v1.2

Silent Enemy

Attacked by an unidentified enemy ship, the crew struggles to get their new phase canons operational. Meanwhile, Archer realizes that no one knows Reed well enough to give him a personalized birthday gift.

Download "Silent Enemy" (ENT) 1.90kb QB2 v1.2