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[The Crishton Trilogy]

"The Crossing"
"Exit Factor"

Story by cps3000

Missions by Attitude-4-Life

Briefings by Attitude-4-life

"In the 23rd century a conspiracy will bring the galaxy to the brink of war. Only 1 captain can prevent the destruction of his world and the extinction of his people, but to do so he will have to ally with his worst enemy. With 3 missions and the first KA mission to include interactive briefings "The Crishton Trilogy" Puts you in the middle of an interstellar conspiracy."

"The Crossing" it begins

Captain Qu'vek is ordered into Gorn Space to destroy a secret enemy base, when he is outnumbered, the last person he ever expected to help him comes to his aid.
"unto the breach" "the base falles" "battle in korrok begins" "the IKS Qu'vek is outnumbered"

"Haven" The conspiracy takes shape

Captain Qu'vek refuses to be silent on the B'Ker attack and must fight for his life as everyone he considered "Friends" hunt him down

"the aftermatch of korrok" "The Romulan Trap" "Klingon Friends" "General Gorok's attack"

"Exit Factor" the conspiracy is exposed

The Federation Flagship joins Qu'vek to uncover the true intentions of Captain Crishton and stop it from taking shape

"Starbase 12" "Captain Harriman meet Qu'Vek" "Romulan Invasion is put down" "Warp core breach aboard the Tucker"